Alexander Wang Jeans Inspired DIY

by mayashaw

I have been trying to put together a DIY for a while and I promised one so here it is! I was stalking Alexander Wang’s clothing and I can across these amazing cropped jeans and I knew I had to make them! I went into my closet and found some cropped boy friend jeans from Forever 21 and went to work!

Things you need:

– old boy friend cropped jeans

– thread

– scissors

– silver ink marker

– sewing machine (or needle)

Step 1: Put jeans on. Take a silver marker and mark a line about 1 cen. below the knee across the jean from seam to seam.

Step 2: Slit jean across the line. When you get to each end take scissors and cut 2 cm. up the jean on both sides of the slit so that the slit has two flaps.

Step 3: Iron down flaps so that they are on the outside of the jean not the inside.

Step 4: Using the sewing machine sew down each flap using what ever thread your heart desires! ( I use tan and hot pink.)

Yey and you’re done! I love how mine came out a little less structured and a bit more rugged and hand made, it gives it more personality! This is such an easy way to make your old jeans stylish again, if you all try it out please send me photos in the contact tab and let me know how it went!

 P.S. Please ignore my messy room!

Jeans: Forever 21/ Top: American Apparel/ Belt: I Heart Ronson