Bust The Meter: The Music I am Currently Bumping.

by mayashaw

So now that I am a graduate and I have nothing to do with my life so far but shop with my graduation cash; I have been listening to a lot of music lately, some old and some new!

Kelis- Caught Out There- This was my first introduction to fucked up music and I didn’t even know it! I just remember asking my mom if I could have her hair… I still want this hair.

Robyn- Call Your Girlfriend- This song just came out and its so stuck in my head!

Lauryn Hill- Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You- My dad would play this album on long family vacations when I was younger. It reminds me of being really young and sleepy… now it has more of a love meaning to me!

Zoo Kid- Out Getting Ribs- His music brings out a part of me that I can’t explain… it’s like I’m angry but happy, it’s sunny outside but, it’s also a bit cloudy.