Vans X Hellz Bellz Round 2 Fall 2011

by mayashaw

You all know that I am a huge female street wear fan: I rock Hellz on the daily, MOB when my mom isn’t around and my back pack for school is Made Me… I’m a rookie! Hellz teamed up with vans last year to create a beautiful oxford sneaker that mixed girlie and boy together. This up coming season they are pulling all the stops! These sneakers are my dream sneakers! I have always wanted the punk shoes that the Japanese kids in Shibuya wear but, I knew I could never pull it off! Lani took the Paityn and Bailie Boots added crazy punk 80’s silver buckles and studs to make it a staple for any Hellz girl! Not to mention zebra… that is all! LOVE LOVE LOVE!