Making A House A Home.

by mayashaw

I was born and raised in the city and this upbringing has definately made me the girl that I am today. I’m a back talking, no shit giving, fearless girl that I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to mess with. Being raised in the city has made me grow a backbone that a lot of girls should have but, they don’t. I’m never scared of street walkers and I have never really needed my mom to hold my hand to walk across the street. I Digress.

Homes in the city and EXTREMELY different than homes in the counties. In the city houses have more color, usually the houses are old and they have personality to them. In the counties the houses are all blah: new homes, white, perfectly clean and they look like no one lives in them! I’m sure there are homes that break what I’m trying to say but for the most part… they’re different! I have always been the type of girl to gag at the sight of a home that was “perfect” like really? Do you even live here? A home is a place for you to come and relax after a day of school or work; it should reflect who you are! Now I don’t have a home but I do have a bedroom that is covered in trinkets and magazine clippings on the walls. I’m not saying I like filth because I don’t my room is clean but, I just hate things that are too perfect! I was visiting a blog call Sanctuary and I saw these photos from a house that is the prime example of what a home should look like! Honestly, this woman has a gorgeous pad! Also if you love looking at beautiful homes visit From The Right Bank.