RSVP Gallery: Art or Hype?

by mayashaw

Thanks to the Interweb new trends have become “all the rage”. Artist like Kanye West and Kid Cudi have seem to become every males icon, don’t get me started on the Air Yezzy hype. What ever one celebrity, such as Kanye, thinks is cool and unique all of his followers and fans start to grab onto it as well. For instance RSVP Gallery in Chicago, Illinois. This store has some of the most exclusive and expensive clothing you can find in an urban environment. The store has made a monumental discovery of mixing street wear with luxury brands which has not only ruined bank accounts but egos.

Now, it’s not about you copping the latest Nike Air Force One’s from your local foot locker, it’s all about grabbing the newest color set of the Ambush king pow chain that will run you about $180.00 plus tax and shipping. The idea of being fresh and in the loop has become something that to many kids is more of a fantasy than getting a part time job to pay for sneakers.

RSVP Gallery is a beautiful store and a place that will go down in history as one of the most exquisite street wear stores there is, but is it all hype? I feel as though the general idea behind RSVP has been destroyed by the internet and by young people only getting into buying the expensive merchandise because someone else had it first or they saw that it was the hottest place to shop: not because the items inspired them and were things that had a meaning deeper than a price tag and a name.

Maybe this post should be titled the art behind the hype for it is a much deeper topic that I would like to dive into. We all have Kanye to thank for making young men drop 2 Bennies on a scarf than on their college education. What do you guys think?