The Women In Street Wear

by mayashaw

Street wear, a term used for independent and underground labels that are exclusively sold and worn by young, hip “kids”. A wordy definition that is totally not biased ( that was sarcasm). This “phenomena” ,as I will call it, has been a thing for the boys: skate boarders who wear Supra sneakers, 10 Deep, Supreme and Stussy, or the cool kats who rock Huf, Nudie Jeans and rolled up chinos, but recently and by recently I mean in the past 5 years, street wear has grown and flourished into something more than just a boys game. You know the saying anything boys can do girls can do better? Well Annie the sun has come out today because women are taking over the street wear game. Although there aren’t many female owned street wear designers, blogs or even stores: women are becoming more apparent in the industry. Many brands such as Stussy and Obey have opened up their eyes and realized that chicks wanna be dope as well! Although these brands stuck to just bags, dresses and t shirts, it gave something for the females to rock; something that would take all the boys by surprise. But for now I would like to emphasize on the women who made it all happen. I now give you the Goddesses of street wear:

Hellz Bellz creator LANIE ALABANZA-BARCENA started off as a graphic designer and later moved into street wear design because she wanted to bring something to the ladies by a lady.

Leah McSweeny created Married to the MOB with the money she got by suing the NYPD. She coins the slogans “Other Bitches Ain’t Shit” and “Head Bitch In Charge” on almost every t shirt showing that street wear is also all about making a statement.

Dime Piece designers Laura Famo and Ashley Jones wanted to make a statement but also wanted to make fashion that they knew women would love!

While more and more women are starting to purchase and rock street wear clothing lines designed by women, the more respect these chicks get in the business. More blogs have been created and more big time brands are starting to see the future of this, once again, “phenominon” and the money that this industry can make.

Until the day that people start to realize the true beauty in female street wear, we “head bitches in charge” are just going to have to sit back, relax and countinue to support our fellow sistas!