California Dreams: Low Rider Coloring Book

by mayashaw

Although I’m an East coast girl born and raised, and I will most likely stay over here, I have had a little obsession with Cali! I remember listening to No Doubt who embodied the Cali life style for me. As I got into middle it was all about Laguna Beach and The Hills but, now that I am older I have realized how cool it was that I was a fan of vintage Gwen Stafani at such a young age: bleached hair, men’s Dickies shorts, name necklaces and sports bras as a real shirt.

The Mexican heritage of  Cali is so amazing to me: low riders in particular. Low riders are my favorite cars because they are sexy, classic and timeless! So, you can guess that when I found this post on Juxtapoz on this upcomming comic book/ coloring book I had to blog it my self: here is what the website had to say for the collaboration!

“Dokument Press is set to release the Lowrider Coloring book, and with Juxtapoz magazine’s roots in car culture, especially in the work of Robert Williams and Mister Cartoon, we are happy to see that audiences will get to color the classic and most popular Lowrider models.

As Dokument notes, Today, lowriding is bigger than ever with thousands of enthusiasts in most parts of the world. All strive to outdo each other with the most elegant varnish, interior, hydraulics, chrome and rims. The custom cars you’ll be coloring in the Lowrider Coloring book were converted by some of the best and most legendary enthusiasts.”